Recruiting In eCommerce And Product Management

Hello Kayla here, welcome to the site and my second post on the blog.

Today I am going to talk about an industry that has lead the service sector across many years. I’m talkig about recruitment.

digital_recruitment_ipHowever, during the recent recession, recruitment has taken a bit of a hit. Certainly traditonal markets like IT have seen a lot of rationalisation as well as change. For example, the rise of Recruitmet Process Outsourcing has made markets such as Investment banking much more difficult for the smaller player. Today I am going to take a look at a company that walked away from that very market. They did this so they could maintain personal relationships with decision makers.

However, that needed a fundamental change of direction and market. Doug Bates and Chris Mason of Intelligent People did just this. Here’s a litte bit about what makes them stand out from the crowd.

In industries that are notoriously ‘candidate short’, finding talent to fill positions at all levels can be difficult throughout the marketing, eCommerce and product management sectors. That’s where the recruitment specialists at Intelligent People come in.

As a market leading expert in the field, they have helped thousands of companies recruit the next generation of employees, and with a specialism serving the country’s most innovative and fastest growing sectors, companies like Amazon, eBay and Photobox know they are in the right hands. But how does this London-based service differ from the countless recruitment firms out there?

Early adoption of the digital marketing niche

Finding intelligent people to fill coveted positions within the company has been difficult for businesses of all sizes and niches, particularly those in the digital marketing sector. The online and new media industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, with the growth of many companies somewhat stumped by the limited access to quality candidates.
Intelligent People was founded back in 2002 to provide a solution to this widespread recruitment issue, and from the early days, their consultants focused solely on the digital marketing niche. As a result the firm and their clients now profit from an extensive and historic database of candidates. That have truly become a digital recruitment agency.

Full market access

Being privy to both passive candidates and those actively seeking opportunities is every recruiter’s golden ticket, and thanks to their scouring of the marketing, eCommerce and product management markets, Intelligent People provides full market access.
It’s not just clients looking to find the right candidates that benefit from the company’s historic status. Candidates wishing to develop and grow their careers in their respective fields have access to the very best opportunities. Intelligent People’s client base includes the industry greats and household names we are all familiar with, meaning candidates can get closer to working in roles that they love. This makes IP a “one stop shop” for all online recruitment agency matters.

Committed to quality

The recruitment process is more than just advertising a role and waiting for the candidates to pour in. Intelligent People’s high-end service always begins with a full, face-to-face briefing with the client and a meeting with every candidate to ensure their knowledgeable consultants gain a full insight into the client’s vacancy and wider company as well as the candidate’s experience and suitability. Intelligent People also takes up the role of careers advisor when it comes to their candidates.

Intelligent People takes a bespoke approach to developing the relationship between employer and employee from the outset.

They also provide a series of “public interest” style video trainings for candidates to help them in their job search. Here Chris Mason talks about the opening stages of a job interview.

3 Tips On Choosing The Right Business

businessDo you know that the success rate of your business depends on whether or not you have chosen the right one? Yes, if at the very first day you have gotten into the wrong business sooner or later it will fail. Why is this so? It is for the simple reason you have not taken into consideration and have thought about a million times as to what your business should be. If your mindset is like I will go to this business since it is the trend or I know someone who became successful out of this for sure I will be. Do get away with this mindset. Or else, you will be wasting money, time and effort on a business bound to fail.

To make it easier for you to choose the right business, here are three tips that you can easily follow:

Tip #1 Know What You Love The Most

Do you know successful entrepreneurs love what they do? No wonder they have been a total success! Why is this so? It is for the simple reason that there are days where you do want to work, you are tired or anything and you stop doing anything. In a business, you need to be hands on especially if it is your first venture and you are at the start-up stage of it. When you do love the business you are getting into whatever your feeling for the day, you will have the drive to be present, be at your very best since you do not feel like working at all.

If you ask successful entrepreneurs if is there any day they feel like giving up or tired at all, they will tell you without even blinking that no. In the first place, they feel they are not working at all. They are doing what they love.

business foldersTip #2 Be An Expert Of It

Here is another tip you should not miss out. Be sure you are an expert of whatever business you get into. First, you must love it and second be an expert of it. The reason behind this is that it enables you to create a system design to sustain the business and make a success out of it. Also, in case there will be challenges it will be much easier to resolve them. Why? You are an expert. You know how to spot where the problem is, be able to come up with a proven effective solution, and the business continues to operate. Eventually, it will slowly grow and more profits coming your way. How’s that sound?

Tip #3 Know Who Your Target Market Is

Lastly, you must know who your target market is. Even if you are entering into a business of which you love it the most and you are an expert of it, if you have not define clearly who is your target market it would be a total disaster. Remember, your target market is where you get sales from. If you are even confuse to whom your business is for, chances are your business will surely fail. It is a necessary to have a clear definition who will be your customers, to whom the products or services are for. Then, decide a marketing plan to capture your target market while taking into consideration your competitors.

So, are you now ready to pick the right business for you? All you have to do is to follow through the above-mentioned tips and you are good to go. Plan things clearly, seek help as much as possible, learn more. You will be on the road to success for sure.