Gaining Growth For The Small Business

Hello Again, Kayla here,

I hope you are well and business is good for you. But, let me ask you a question…as a small business how do you go about growing?

It’s a really interesting question, so I chatted to David Hardisty a small business growth expert and consultant as to exactly how he helps “the one man band” expand beyond the natural confines of a one or two man business.

david hardistyFirstly I asked David about his background.

“Bit of a hotch potch actually”, he smiles a very cheeky grin. “I’ve done lots of different things in my life from sales, to business process to driving racing cars. I still teach people how to drive on a race track, that’s a labour of love. But the wide experience I’ve had during nearly 40 years in business is what helps me offer the right advice I think”.

Can you give me an example.

Desire Is Key

“Yes, of course. Before I do that, I think it’s only right to say, that the people running any small business have to actually, truly want to expand and grow. That is such a key point. When I first meet a new prospect, and sit down and try to understand their goals and aspiration, it is something I have to be absolutelty convinced by – that they really do want it. Otherwise I am just going to waste everyone’s time and money”.

That is very much a fair point, so continuing down that path, how do you become convinced.

“Great question! Do you know what? It’s something I see in them when they start talking about their business. It’s the “fire in the eyes” if you like, the passion. When I see someone “come alive” when they talk about their business, when I see excitement, I know they are a good prospect”.

Interesting, so what about their own ideas.

Then It’s The How

“Again a great point. Most of the small businesses I have helped grow know they want to expand, but they don’t really know how. Either that, or they have an idea but don’t know how to implement or start off odwn the road to expansion. Let’s talk that example now”.

O.K, I’m interested to hear.

“It’s a company called Pets, Homes and Gardens, lovely couple Peter and Julie Maxted. They absolutely love animals and had their own pet sitting business. Julie also runs a small local publication in Horsham that she sells advertising in. They loved their life, so didn’t want to compromise their lifestyle, but they also wanted more but as I often find, just did not know hwo to go about it”.

Go on….

Finding The Key Elements

“The advertising business was doing O.K and was able to support them to a level while we looked at how to expand the pet business. I think it’s fair to say that a pet sitting business is finite unless you start to expand into expensive larger premesis and take on many more staff. So, it’s difficult to ake it profitable from scaling in size. All you do is create an admin and accounting behemoth and you end up not doing what you love – working in  daily contact with the pets”.

David continues…

“So I sat down with Peter and Julie and talked about their goals. Having spent a good few hours discussing goals, life the universe and everything the solution was pretty obvious. It was also clear they were totally committed to a growth project. So, I proposed that they take what they had created in terms of a pet sitting business, we systemize it and set up a franchise operation. We worked on a few unique selling points for example a really low entry price, intergral advertising and within two months had an extremely attractive offering”.

A Success Story

“That was two years ago. Now PHG have 18 franchiees the length and breadth of the U.K. Most are successful and making m oney for both the franchisee and PHG. The unique twist is that the entry point is low, but the franchisee pays a monthly percentage back to PHG based on turnover. It’s such a brilliant way of expanding a business“.

I can cearly see that passion and fire in David.

“Oh yes, it is just so rewarding helping people who haved that burn but just need some guidance. I absolutely love it”.

You can find David at David Hardisty Ltd Business Growth in Horsham and West Sussex.

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